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Healthcare Providers

It is essential that healthcare organizations and service providers implement a management plan for tracking and maintaining their biomedical equipment, including what equipment is maintained, specific directions for equipment maintenance, when maintenance is scheduled, and a complete history of all maintenance activities.

Healthcare organizations can utilize Pervidi for a variety of applications:
- Asset tracking and management 
- Surgical Instrument Management 
- Tool and Equipment calibration 
- Facilities management 
- Inspection management 
- Process management such as dialysis machine refurbishment 
- Custom applications 

Pervidi significantly improves productivity and reduces operational costs, using the following components:

-          Software to automate all aspects of your maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections.

-          PDAs to record results electronically.

-          Automatic alerts, reminders, emails and triggers.

-          Web portal to record data and view reports using any browser.

Pervidi is scalable and can be used by any size organization.


Who is using Pervidi?

With the Pervidi product suite, it's easy to maximize productivity by creating your own health & safety checklists or use Pervidi's built-in checklists: 
-  OSHA checklists 
-  NFPA checklists 
-  General workplace Safety checklists 
-  Small business safety checklists 
-  Special checklists (such as poultry processing checklists) 
-  Hazardous material checklists 
-  Hospital health & safety checklists 
-  Record keeping checklists 
-  Property inspection checklists 

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