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Pervidi in Latin means to inspect or survey, and this is precisely what our software and handheld devices are designed for: to deliver comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions to systematically manage paper-based activities and processes.

Pervidi is a powerful and flexible suite of products combining software, PDAs and web portals, enabling organisations to focus on their core competencies by improving operational activities. By incorporating any of our solutions, Pervidi will help your business become more efficient:

Pervidi W3 - Hosted Inspection Software as a Service

Planning, scheduling, and performing your field activities using a Web Browser and a PDA.

Inspection Management

Planning, scheduling, and performing fire, health & safety, compliance, facility or custom inspections.  Implementation and configuration can vary, including desktop software, electronic forms, web access, reporting, etc.

Asset Management / EAM

Management of any type of asset at any level of detail in a cost effective manner.

Service Management / Field Force Automation

Dispatch and management solutions for field technicians and management.  Applicable to any service provider.  Handheld devices can send and receive data remotely.

Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Comprehensive and easy-to-use maintenance management system enabling you to track, plan, and manage maintenance, labour, and inventories efficiently.

Facilities Management

Improving facility operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and shifting from paper-based activities to better utilization of resources and technical expertise.

Consulting Services - Enabling Improvements

Our experienced staff can assist you to incorporate Pervidi within your specific business model or recommend process improvements.  If required, Pervidi can be tailored to your specific requirements in a cost effective manner ensuring that it addresses 100% of your needs.

Pervidi was designed to liberate valuable company resources that can be better utilized elsewhere:

»  Improve your organization's operational efficiency in performing required tasks

»  Improve response time to customer queries and overall customer service

»  Facilitate information sharing

»  Simplify and standardize activities

»  Improve management control and accountability

»  Reduce operational costs

»  Provide timely and easy access to information

»  Dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of paper-based processesPervidi PDA Software

»  Identify, document, resolve and monitor problems in a more comprehensive and timely way.

»  Improve productivity by replacing paper based processes with PDAs that are faster to fill and minimize errors.

»  Send your tasks electronically to your inspectors and technicians.

»  Use your checklists or standardise your activities based on fire, health & safety, manufacturers' requirements, and other codes and regulations.

»  Focus on exceptions and dramatically reduce your company's risk profile.

»  Generate a wide array of analysis, management and operational reports.

»  Shift your focus from trying to keep up with daily operational activities to managing and expanding your business or department.

»  Substantially reduce costs by improving operational efficiencies and identifying and addressing emerging problems.

Why choose Pervidi?

  • We use reliable proven technologies to deliver superb value to our customers, leveraging capabilities that we have developed through our customer base.

  • We deliver the speed and benefits of packaged solutions together with the advantages of customization to quickly deliver systems designed to our customers’ specific needs.

  • By understanding our customers’ business processes and challenges and by applying our experience to your specific needs, we provide solutions that improve your work processes, while migrating from paper-based procedures to automated processes.

  • Our approach is to identify areas in which your company can benefit most, and provide you with an effective, tailored solution based on proven, best-of-breed process and project management methodologies. Our solutions are based on our existing offerings and technologies, with modifications to address your specific needs and business requirements for maximum effectiveness of the system. 

We pride ourselves on our exceptional products and customer service and we are confident that we can deliver superb value to your organization.

Who is using Pervidi?

Inspection Management, CMMS, Asset management, PDA Software

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