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Pervidi W3 - Hosted Inspection and Field Service Management

Specifically designed for field technicians and inspectors,
PervidiTM W3  offers the most powerful PDA application combined with a hosted software solution, without the need to maintain an expensive computer infrastructure:

  • Easy to use and accessible: all you need is a Web Browser and an Internet connection.

  • PDA companion: electronic inspections can be easily recorded using wireless PDAs or remote cradles.

  • Scalable: automate a single inspector or a field force of 1000 technicians.

  • Reliable: Pervidi has been deployed in a variety of organizations including small, medium, large, Fortune 100 companies, and government agencies.  Pervidi was first introduced in 1999, being one of the first products to equip field technicians with handheld devices.

  • Pervidi is scalable and can be used by any size organization

  • Flexible: Automate ANY type of inspection including in-house checklists and standard-based activities such as OSHA, JCAHO, HAACP, NFPA, ISO, etc.

- Easy to use...

- Complete...

- Flexible...

- Scalable...

- Reliable...

- Affordable...

Pervidi W3 is easy to use and flexible, yet significantly improves productivity and reduces operational costs by allowing your field force to record their activities electronically using a PDA and/or a Web Browser.


Who is using Pervidi?

  Utilize an easy-to-use and comprehensive record keeping and management system.
  Schedule, track, and control inspections, data collection, work orders, tests, and all related activities.
  Transfer data electronically from/to handheld devices utilized by field personnel.
  Identify, document, resolve, and monitor emerging problems.
  Utilize a Corrective Actions mechanism for failed inspections.
  Easily set-up dynamic alters, scheduled reports, triggers and queries.
  Use your own lists or standardize lists based on fire, health & safety, and other codes and regulations.
  Send automatic reminders to inform you when inspections are scheduled or are overdue.
  View historical inspection data.
  Significantly reduce risk and improve operations.
  Incorporate PDAs, photos, barcodes, signatures, and timestamps. 

Pervidi can be delivered as a turnkey package including training and software. It can also be provided with consulting, or as part of a completely customised solution including integration with other Management Information Systems.

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