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Field Force Automation  / Service Management

Pervidi Service Management offers the versatility and flexibility sought by companies who rely on sending out field staff to service their customers. Our handheld solutions make carrying out all aspects of field work easy, efficient and secure.

Specifically designed for service companies specializing in:
- Life Safety / Fire Safety
- Facility Inspections and QA
- Plumbing
- Appliance
- Electrical/mechanical/construction contractors
- Sheet metal
- Drain cleaning
- Fire protection Inspections
- Duct cleaning

Pervidi significantly improves productivity and reduces operational costs, using the following components:

-          Software to automate all aspects of your maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections.

-          PDAs to record results electronically.

-          Automatic alerts, reminders, emails and triggers.

-          Web portal to record data and view reports using any browser.

Pervidi is scalable and can be used by any size organization.


Who is using Pervidi?

Our easy and affordable solutions can dramatically improve your operational efficiencies, installation services, and maintenance activities, while broadening your offerings and increasing revenues.

Field Service PDA  - Eliminate the need for paper
  - Send your tasks electronically to your inspectors and technicians
  - Completely flexible, allowing users to design any type of inspection
  - Record results, pass/fail, measurements, readings, etc.
  - Easily create new inspection and activities on a hand-held device
  - Generate discrepancy and exception reports
  - Quickly analyze your service records, needs and patterns
  - Create your own checklists or use
Pervidi's built-in templates

Pervidi can be delivered as a turnkey package of training and software. It can also be provided with consulting, or as part of a completely customised solution including integration with other Management Information Systems.

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