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Backflow Prevention Control Systems

Pervidi was designed for managing, testing, and servicing backflow prevention device. Our unique solution combines 'smart' handheld devices with a sophisticated computer system. It can be tailored for municipalities, utility and water companies, plumbers, testers and contractors to meet their specific needs.

Pervidi software suites comes with a set of tools and features that are specifically developed for managers and field personnel at:
Public Health Departments' Backflow Prevention Programs
Plants' Backflow Prevention Maintenance Systems
Backflow Prevention Testing Organizations
Any other Facilities with Backflow Prevention Devices

With Pervidi you can carry out the following tasks:
- Comprehensive record keeping and management system. 
- Schedule, track, and control work orders, tests, and all related activities. 
- Transfer data from/to handheld devices utilized by 'field personnel'. 
- Dynamic alters, scheduled reports, triggers and queries.
- Schedule all site and backflow system inspections.
- Send automatic reminders to inform you when inspections are scheduled.

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